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Tribal Tuesdays Season 2
Start Date: Tuesday 12th Sep, 2017. 5:30 PM (UTC)
Format: OtherBest of 1 of 1Admins: VanceMadrox
Weekly Tribal Tournament with Degrading Card Pool

Player NameRankScoreOpen deck in Deck Editor
ankhofmishra playing Tribal Robots16
Played: Ginyu(1 - 0) JiffyTheElf(1 - 0)
Arcflight Squadron
Automaton Prime
Brightsteel Gargoyle
Brightsteel Sentinel
Death Current AA
Forgewatch Sentry
Marty McGear
Tech Upgrade
JiffyTheElf playing TT A/U Darkforged23
Played: BlinksWithFists(1 - 0) ankhofmishra(0 - 1)
Cypien Experimentation
Darkroot Shambler
Darksteel Enforcer
Dusk Hammer
Enduring Vitality
Lysian Shard
Perilous Insight
Shadowmist Angel
Shroudthorn Splicer
Warmonger Mod
BlinksWithFists playing Tribal EleMENTAL Problems33
Played: JiffyTheElf(0 - 1) BYE (1-0)
Binben, Lightning Herald AA
Brimstone Tyrant
Chaos Twister
Living Hive
Lysian Shard
Patron of Kadras
Rageborn Hellion AA
Slumbering Shrine
Static Shock
Stone Brand
Storm Bringer
Ginyu playing Abomination Tribe40
Played: ankhofmishra(0 - 1)
Abyssal Maw
Contagion Lord
Death Current
Dr. Frankenbaum
Graveborn Glutton
Immortal Echoes
Sigmund Fraud
Xithian Direhound
Xithian Rotfiend