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US Friday Night Standard
Start Date: Saturday 2nd Sep, 2017. 1:30 AM (UTC)
Format: StandardBest of 1 of 1Admins: tch0rt
Hold onto your butts, children, US FRIDAY NIGHT STANDARD IS BACK! This is a standard tournament, all cards are legal. We encourage everyone to come and try their best, and we have door prizes! Codes for everyone! Woo!!!

Player NameRankScoreOpen deck in Deck Editor
petardthegreat playing dino lifegain19
Played: DraftSilver(1 - 0) Hockaloogie(1 - 0) A1youwrip(1 - 0)
Gemhide Ravager
Jet Pack
Lysian Shard
Oros, Deepwood's Chosen
Relic Hunter
Uterradon Rex
Warmonger Mod
Wegu's Embrace
A1youwrip playing 7.0 growwide26
Played: DraftSilver(1 - 0) petardthegreat(0 - 1) BYE (1-0)
Automaton Prime
Esperian Scarab
Ferocious Roar
Forgewatch Sentry AA
Lifeblood Dryad
Lorus, the Unrivaled
Marty McGear
Nexus Aeronaut
Nova, Grove Queen
Relic Hunter AA
Weirwood Patriarch AA
DraftSilver playing Ceaseless Burn33
Played: petardthegreat(0 - 1) A1youwrip(0 - 1) BYE (1-0)
Ceaseless Grimgaunt
Chaos Twister
Death Current AA
Draconic Echoes
Firestorm AA
Flame Lance
Grave Pact
Ice Grasp
Soul Harvest
Static Shock
Hockaloogie playing fatty cow beef barf40
Played: petardthegreat(0 - 1)
Ambriel's Edict
Esperian Sage
Glowstride Stag
Killion, Infinity Warden
Lightbringer Cleric
Lysian Shard
Oros, Deepwood's Chosen
Othra, Apex Predator
Wegu, the Ancient