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SSS #4 Top 2
Start Date: Saturday 29th Jul, 2017. 9:35 PM (UTC)
Format: UnlegendaryBest of 2 of 3Admins: JockeD

Player NameRankScoreOpen deck in Deck Editor
Asmodel playing AU Darkforgers10
Played: Jabor(2 - 0)
3 X Bramblewood Tracker
2 X Darkroot Shambler
3 X Darksteel Enforcer
2 X Dendrify
3 X Dusk Hammer
1 X Ferocious Roar
2 X Lifeblood Dryad
2 X Oxidon Spitter
3 X Shadowmist Angel
3 X Shadowsmith
3 X Shardbound Invoker
3 X Shroudthorn Splicer
Jabor playing fantasievoll20
Played: Asmodel(0 - 2)
3 X Ambriel's Edict
3 X Death Current
3 X Ebonskull Knight
3 X Epidemic
3 X Fleshfiend
3 X Howl of Xith
3 X Patron of Tarsus
3 X Spiritcleave
3 X Tomb Pillager
3 X Xithian Direhound