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US Friday Night Standard
Start Date: Saturday 12th Aug, 2017. 1:30 AM (UTC)
Format: StandardBest of 1 of 1Admins: tch0rt
Hold onto your butts, children, US FRIDAY NIGHT STANDARD IS BACK! This is a standard tournament, all cards are legal. We encourage everyone to come and try their best, and we have door prizes! Codes for everyone! Woo!!!

Player NameRankScoreOpen deck in Deck Editor
Hockaloogie playing GB Goober19
Played: A1youwrip(1 - 0) DraftSilver(1 - 0) joeben(1 - 0)
Death Current
Enduring Vitality
Ether Wolves
Harbinger of Spring
Kitaru Sprite
Lifeblood Dryad
Patron of Deepwood
Snowdrift Alpha
Stinging Invocation
Stygian Lotus
A1youwrip playing a1 voltron23
Played: joeben(1 - 0) Hockaloogie(0 - 1) DraftSilver(0 - 1)
Ambriel's Edict
Death Current
Death Current AA
Epidemic AA
Forge Guardian Alpha
Forge Guardian Beta
Forge Guardian Delta
Forge Guardian Gamma
Guardians Assemble
Guardians Assemble AA
Immortal Echoes
Sonic Pulse
joeben playing Alyssa 36 justicar v333
Played: A1youwrip(0 - 1) Hockaloogie(0 - 1) DraftSilver(1 - 0)
Alyssa, Strifeborn
Blitzmane, the Destroyer
Brimstone Tyrant
Korok, Khan of Kadras
Nexus Aeronaut
Oreian Justicar
Relic Hunter
Staff of Vaerus
Trial by Combat
Voltaic Prophet
Warhound Raider
DraftSilver playing New Burn version 143
Played: joeben(0 - 1) Hockaloogie(0 - 1) A1youwrip(1 - 0)
Ambriel Archangel AA
Ambriel's Edict
Draconic Echoes
Firestorm AA
Flame Lance
Flamebreak Invoker
Ice Grasp
Oratek Battlebrand
Sonic Pulse
Staff of Vaerus
Static Shock
Steelscale Dragon
Windspark Elemental