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Degrading Card Pool
Start Date: Thursday 5th Jan, 2017. 2:00 AM (UTC)
Format: OtherBest of 1 of 1Admins: 7thCross and bryanhouse
Each week the banlist grows as more cards are added. How long will your deck last until it has to be modified? Current ban list organized by BlinksWithFists can be found under the full description! Thanks BWF!

Player NameRankScoreOpen deck in Deck Editor
KamiliaKARA playing Slime Hydra 00116
Played: xzmce(1 - 0) Skaven(1 - 0)
3 X Ebonskull Knight
3 X Forgewatch Sentry
3 X Leyline Demon
3 X Leyline Sentry
3 X Necromoeba
3 X Necroslime
3 X Oreian Justicar
3 X Scourge Hydra
3 X Specimen 001
2 X Spiritstone Sentry
1 X Xithian Direhound
xzmce playing Throwback23
Played: KamiliaKARA(0 - 1) BYE (1-0)
2 X Iniog, Carrion Demon
2 X Keeper of the Damned
1 X Lyria, Muse of Varna
2 X Nefrax, the Soulweaver
1 X Progeny of Xith
3 X Relentless Wanderers
1 X Remembrance
3 X Restless Wanderers
3 X Ruthless Wanderers
2 X Scourgeflame Sorcerer
3 X Shallow Grave
2 X Stygian Lotus
2 X Suruzal, Emissary of Varna
3 X Undying Legacy
Skaven playing Degrading Jank33
Played: KamiliaKARA(0 - 1) BYE (1-0)
3 X Binben, Lightning Herald AA
1 X Call the Lightning
2 X Cindersmoke Wyvern
3 X Crypt Conjurer AA
2 X Dreadbolt
2 X Epidemic AA
2 X Frostshatter Strike
1 X Howl of Xith
2 X Master of Elements AA
3 X Nethershriek
2 X Rite of the Grimgaunt
1 X Scythe of Chiron AA
3 X Static Shock
3 X Vyric's Embrace