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US Friday Night Standard
Start Date: Saturday 12th Nov, 2016. 2:30 AM (UTC)
Format: StandardBest of 1 of 1Admins: tch0rt
Hold onto your butts, children, its US Friday Night Standard! This is a standard tournament, all cards are legal. We encourage everyone to come and try their best, and we have door prizes! Codes for everyone! Woo!!! (Back to Best Of 1!)

Player NameRankScoreOpen deck in Deck Editor
DraftSilver playing AU One Punch112
Played: Doodle123(1 - 0) Reoden(1 - 0) KamiliaKARA(1 - 0) _PalasAtena(1 - 0)
Aegis Wings
Ambriel's Edict
Cypien Experimentation
Deepbranch Prowler AA
Lysian Shard
Oros, Deepwood's Chosen AA
Pummel Pack
Relic Hunter AA
Shardclaw Crusher
Uterradon Ridgeback
Warmonger Mod
Doodle123 playing Growwide29
Played: Erzu12(1 - 0) KamiliaKARA(1 - 0) DraftSilver(0 - 1) Reoden(1 - 0)
Crux, Metamind Rogue
Esperian Scarab
Ferocious Roar
Kitaru Sprite
Lifeblood Dryad
Lorus, the Unrivaled
Nova, Grove Queen
Primeval Ancient
Relic Hunter
Weirwood Patriarch AA
KamiliaKARA playing A/rcflight SqU/adron36
Played: DraftSilver(0 - 1) Erzu12(1 - 0) Doodle123(0 - 1) BYE (1-0)
Arcflight Squadron
Automaton Prime
Esperian Sage
Esperian Scarab
Ether Wolves
Ferocious Roar
Lifeblood Dryad
Relic Hunter
War Machine
Weirwood Patriarch
Reoden playing Darkness My Old Friend46
Played: Erzu12(1 - 0) DraftSilver(0 - 1) Doodle123(0 - 1) BYE (1-0)
Death Current
Howl of Xith
Ignir, Khan of Ashur
Immortal Echoes
Lichmane Dragon
Murderous Necromancer
Patron of Tarsus
Varna, Immortal King
Xerxes, the Executioner
Xithian Direhound
Zimus, the Undying
Erzu12 playing For the Horde53
Played: Doodle123(0 - 1) Reoden(0 - 1) KamiliaKARA(0 - 1) BYE (1-0)
Death Current
Ether Wolves
Ferocious Roar
Harbinger of Spring
Lifeblood Dryad
Lorus, the Unrivaled
Patron of Deepwood
Scatterspore Eidolon
Spiritstone Druid
Spring Dryad
Tarsus Deathweaver
_PalasAtena playing 91160
Played: DraftSilver(0 - 1)
Ambriel's Edict
Chrogias AA
Forge Oracle
Iron Maiden
Killion, Infinity Warden
Sonic Pulse
Steeleye Seer