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Sunday Night Brew Night
Start Date: Sunday 30th Oct, 2016. 5:00 PM (UTC)
Format: OtherBest of 1 of 1Admins: Djurre
This is a Brew tourney, let your creative juices flow freely ! Topdecks need not apply ! Prizes are for best Brew(s) and Random I'll be very critical of what I find fun/casual/brew decks, so be prepared !

Player NameRankScoreOpen deck in Deck Editor
NakaCristo playing Ascendant Sorrow Brew112
Played: DraftSilver(1 - 0) drinkksome(1 - 0) N3Rk(1 - 0) loh215(0 - 1) BYE (1-0)
Cypien Experimentation
Frontline Combatant
Gauntlets of Sulgrim AA
Ironbeard, Ascendant
Nexus Bubble
Onyxium Phantasm
Scythe of Chiron
Sonic Pulse
Sorrow Maiden
Steeleye Seer
loh215 playing Frozen Flame212
Played: Butaiookami(1 - 0) Harjavaldar(1 - 0) N3Rk(0 - 1) NakaCristo(1 - 0) drinkksome(1 - 0)
Delpha, Chronosculptor
Flamebreak Invoker
Frozen Solid
Oratek Battlebrand
Smolderscale Dragon
Sonic Burst
Sonic Pulse
Static Shock
Steeleye Seer
Valifrax, Iztek's Champion
Butaiookami playing brew avarice dra39
Played: loh215(0 - 1) BlinksWithFists(1 - 0) N3Rk(1 - 0) drinkksome(0 - 1) BYE (1-0)
Blazing Hostility
Call the Lightning
Doomwing, Dire Drake
Howl of Xith
Lichmane Dragon
Nether Decay
Phoenix Call
Scythe of Chiron
Varna's Pact
drinkksome playing Iztek's new friend49
Played: loh215(0 - 1) NakaCristo(0 - 1) DraftSilver(1 - 0) Harjavaldar(1 - 0) Butaiookami(1 - 0)
Chaos Twister
Everflame Aura
Everflame Mystic
Flamebreak Invoker
Iztek, Khan of Arrachtor
Lucid Echoes
Oratek Explosives
Sonic Pulse
Staff of Vaerus
Talin Stampede
N3Rk playing Brewnight sunday59
Played: NakaCristo(0 - 1) loh215(1 - 0) Butaiookami(0 - 1) Harjavaldar(1 - 0) DraftSilver(1 - 0)
Binben, Lightning Herald
Call the Lightning
Flame Lance
Flamebreak Invoker
Flameshaper Savant
Flameshaper Savant AA
Grimgaunt Devourer
Grimgaunt Devourer AA
Grimgaunt Predator
Master of Elements
Master of Elements AA
Phoenix Call
Static Shock
DraftSilver playing Now i only have sparky66
Played: N3Rk(0 - 1) drinkksome(0 - 1) NakaCristo(0 - 1) Harjavaldar(1 - 0) BYE (1-0)
Ariadne, Spider Queen
Contagion Lord
Ebonskull Diabolist AA
Epidemic AA
Howl of Xith
Shallow Grave
Soul Harvest
Sparky, Forge Guard Dog
Tomb Pillager
Undying Legacy
Xithian Direhound AA
Harjavaldar playing Regenerate Brew73
Played: DraftSilver(0 - 1) drinkksome(0 - 1) N3Rk(0 - 1) loh215(0 - 1) BYE (1-0)
Abyssal Brute
Blight Witch
Catacomb Spider
Cavern Slime
Dysian Siphon
Ferocious Roar
Infernal Visage
Lysian Rain
Ossuary Spirit
Ravenous Hydra
Rite of Undeath
Tarsian Pact
Toorgmai Mender
Verdant Sphere
BlinksWithFists playing BinBen learns the Alphabet80
Played: Butaiookami(0 - 1)
Binben, Lightning Herald AA
Cauldron Mystic
Flame Lance
Grimgaunt Doomrider AA
Howl of Xith
Iniog, Carrion Demon
Kas, Arcweaver
Lightning Spark
Master of Elements AA
Nether Decay
Organ Harvester
Pyre Song
Rite of the Grimgaunt
Static Shock
Tarsus Deathweaver AA
Uranti Stormshaper AA
Vyric's Embrace
Windspark Elemental
Xithian Shambler
Yuru, the Necrosage
Zarox the Raging