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Start Date: Monday 15th Feb, 2016. 6:00 AM (UTC)
Format: StandardBest of 2 of 3Admins: kaelari

Player NameRankScoreOpen deck in Deck Editor
piquadore playing blarg00
3 X Aegis Conscript 3 X Aegis Knight AA 3 X Aeromind Squadron
3 X Alloyin General 3 X Alloyin Highlander 3 X Alloyin Strategist AA
3 X Alyssa, Strifeborn 3 X Ambriel Archangel 3 X Ambriel's Edict
3 X Anatomize
jellypaladin playing There should totally be a card that gives a creature +attack equal to its health. Why doesn't that exist?00
Played: BYE (1-0)
2 X Ancestral Echoes 3 X Dream Tree 2 X Ferocious Roar
3 X Frostspeaker Shaman 3 X Heart Tree 3 X Iceborn Fortitude
2 X Mossbeard Patriarch 3 X Poisoncoil 2 X Smolderscale Dragon
2 X Twinstrength 3 X Uranti Cryomancer 2 X Verdant Charge
bryanhouse playing zombiesUL00
3 X Abyssal Brute 3 X Death Current 3 X Epidemic
3 X Hellforged Avatar 3 X Patron of Tarsus 3 X Tomb Pillager
3 X Xithian Direhound 3 X Xrath's Will 3 X Xrath, Dreadknight of Varna
3 X Zombie Dreadknight