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Sunday Theme Tourney - Topsy-Turvy Sealed!
Start Date: Sunday 29th May, 2016. 11:00 PM (UTC)
Format: OtherBest of 2 of 3Admins: jellypaladin
You wake up one day and something seems subtly different about the way factions work in Solis...

Player NameRankScoreOpen deck in Deck Editor
DraftSilver playing sealed deck112
Played: drinkksome(2 - 0) Ssppaamm(2 - 0) Djurre(2 - 0) Seyfert(2 - 0)
2 X Alloyin General Batterbot Corpse Crawler
2 X Corpulent Shambler 2 X Cypien Augmentation Fleshfiend
Howl of Xith Nanoswarm 2 X Nexus Pilot
2 X Oreian Fieldmarshal Overwhelming Force Palladium Simulacrum
2 X Palladium Wave 2 X Portal Shade 2 X Scout Drone
Seal of Anvillon Torrent Acolyte Torrent Witch
Varna's Pact Vault Intruder 2 X Xithian Rotfiend
drinkksome playing sealed deck29
Played: DraftSilver(0 - 2) bjclout(2 - 0) Funeral(2 - 0) Restarter(2 - 0)
Alloyin General 2 X Ashurian Brawler Borean Mystic
Cinderfist Brawler 2 X Countermeasure Cypien Infiltrator
Ionic Warcharger Lavafused Asir Matrix Warden
Munitions Drone Nargath Bruiser 2 X Nexus Pilot
2 X Palladium Pulsemage Palladium Simulacrum Palladium Wave
Runestorm Primordial Seal of Anvillon Seismic Adept
Skyknight Glider Steelwatch Guard Stonefist Giant
Torrent Acolyte Tower Scout 2 X Vault Intruder
War Tinker
Seyfert playing sealed deck39
Played: Xlyph(2 - 0) Lateralus(2 - 0) DraftSilver(0 - 2) Ssppaamm(2 - 0)
Ashurian Brawler 2 X Blizzard Shaman Borean Mystic
Citadel Guard Crucible Colossus 2 X Flamestoke Shaman
Iceborn Fortitude Jet Pack Master of Elements
Nargath Bruiser Oreian Fieldmarshal Overwhelming Force
Palladium Simulacrum Shardthief Druid Sparkblade Assassin
Sparkstone Elemental Stonefist Giant 2 X Thranik Ambusher
Torrent Acolyte 2 X Totembound Berserker Uranti Elementalist
Uriel Ironwing 2 X Volcanic Giant War Merchant
Windcaller Shaman
Djurre playing sealed deck49
Played: DraftSilver(0 - 2) AltJellyPaladin(2 - 0) grizz433(2 - 0) SKiTHx(2 - 0)
Batterbot Battle Techtician Catacomb Spider
Citadel Guard 2 X Corpulent Shambler 2 X Crucible Colossus
Discordant Strike 2 X Dr. Frankenbaum Ebonskull Knight
Fell Strider Fleshfiend 2 X Oreian Fieldmarshal
Palladium Simulacrum Palladium Wave Progeny of Xith
Sigmund Fraud 2 X Skyknight Glider Soul Harvest
2 X Torrent Acolyte Varna's Pact Vault Welder
3 X Xithian Rotfiend
Funeral playing sealed deck59
Played: AltJellyPaladin(2 - 0) Zero2Hero(2 - 0) Xlyph(2 - 0) drinkksome(0 - 2)
Cavern Serpent Corpulent Shambler Death Seeker
3 X Dr. Frankenbaum Dragon Slayer 2 X Fell Strider
Glowstride Stag Grave Geist Grave Ghast
Howl of Xith Killer Bee Kitaru Sprite
Noxious Cloud 2 X Nyrali Ambusher 2 X Progeny of Xith
Shimmerfang Serpent 2 X Soul Harvest Tomb Pillager
2 X Venomdrinker Venomfang 2 X Venomous Netherscale
Xithian Rotfiend
Ssppaamm playing sealed deck66
Played: Zero2Hero(2 - 0) DraftSilver(0 - 2) Seyfert(0 - 2) SKiTHx(2 - 0)
Alloyin General 2 X Brood Horror Catacomb Spider
Crucible Colossus Cypien Infiltrator 2 X Discordant Strike
2 X Energy Prison Grave Geist 2 X Matrix Warden
Nanoswarm Necroslime Nyrali Ambusher
Palladium Wave 3 X Plunder Imp Soulscourge Grimgaunt
Sparkblade Assassin Technognome Torrent Acolyte
2 X Torrent Witch Unrelenting Dead Uriel Ironwing
Varna's Pact War Merchant
AltJellyPaladin playing sealed deck76
Played: Xlyph(2 - 0) bjclout(2 - 0) Djurre(0 - 2) Funeral(0 - 2)
Aquatic Embrace Ash Maiden 3 X Batterbot
Battle Techtician 2 X Countermeasure Cypien Augmentation
Cypien Infiltrator Flamestoke Shaman Ionic Warcharger
Jet Pack 3 X Lavafused Asir Master of Elements
Metamind Operator Nanoswarm Power Torrent
Seal of Anvillon Shardthief Druid 2 X Skyknight Glider
Sonic Burst 2 X Thranik Ambusher Thundergale Invoker
2 X Uranti Elementalist
bjclout playing sealed deck86
Played: AltJellyPaladin(0 - 2) Lateralus(2 - 0) drinkksome(0 - 2) grizz433(2 - 0)
Alloyin General 3 X Ashurian Brawler 2 X Battletech Inventor
2 X Blizzard Shaman Cinderfist Brawler Cypien Augmentation
Cypien Infiltrator 3 X Flamestoke Shaman Forge Guardian Beta
2 X Ionic Warcharger Jet Pack Master of Elements
Matrix Warden 2 X Nexus Pilot 3 X Palladium Wave
Seismic Adept Steelshaper Savant 2 X Torrent Valkyrie
Uranti Elementalist
Lateralus playing sealed deck96
Played: Zero2Hero(2 - 0) bjclout(0 - 2) bonerjangles(2 - 0) Seyfert(0 - 2)
Blight Witch Catacomb Spider 2 X Corpulent Shambler
3 X Countermeasure Cypien Augmentation 2 X Darkheart Wanderer
Death Seeker Duskspire Zombie 2 X Ebonskull Knight
Heavy Artillery Necrotic Wurm Nexus Pilot
Nyrali Symbiote 2 X Oreian Fieldmarshal Ossuary Spirit
Palladium Simulacrum Portal Shade 3 X Progeny of Xith
Seal of Anvillon Soul Harvest 2 X Torrent Witch
SKiTHx playing sealed deck106
Played: Ssppaamm(0 - 2) Djurre(0 - 2) bonerjangles(2 - 0) grizz433(2 - 0)
2 X Batterbot Batterhide Battle Techtician
Botanimate Citadel Guard 2 X Countermeasure
Deepmoss Raptor 2 X Deepwood Bear Rider Esperian Steelplate
2 X Frostwild Tracker Grapplevine Ionic Warcharger
Leafkin Progenitor Matrix Warden Nanoswarm
Palladium Pulsemage Palladium Simulacrum 2 X Poisoncoil
Shardthief Druid 3 X Swampmoss Ancient Technognome
War Machine Warmonger Mod
grizz433 playing sealed deck113
Played: bjclout(0 - 2) Djurre(0 - 2) SKiTHx(0 - 2) BYE (1-0)
Ashurian Brawler Cypien Augmentation Energy Prison
2 X Everflame Mystic 2 X Flamefury Shaman Nargath Bruiser
Overwhelming Force Palladium Wave 2 X Patron of Anvillon
Power Torrent Sap Scout Drone
Seal of Anvillon 2 X Skyknight Glider Sonic Burst
Technognome Thranik Ambusher Totembound Berserker
2 X Tower Scout 3 X Vault Technician War Machine
Warmonger Mod Windcaller Shaman
Xlyph playing sealed deck123
Played: AltJellyPaladin(0 - 2) bonerjangles(2 - 0) Seyfert(0 - 2) Funeral(0 - 2)
Alloyin General Anatomize Blizzard Shaman
Electro Net Glacial Crush 2 X Ionic Warcharger
Master of Elements Nanoswarm Nargath Bruiser
Oreian Fieldmarshal 2 X Power Torrent Primordial Slam
2 X Riftlasher Sap Seal of Anvillon
Stonefist Giant Talin Stampede 2 X Technognome
Thundergale Invoker 2 X Torrent Valkyrie Vault Intruder
Warbringer Uranti Warmonger Mod 2 X Windcaller Shaman
Zero2Hero playing sealed deck133
Played: Lateralus(0 - 2) Ssppaamm(0 - 2) bonerjangles(2 - 0) Funeral(0 - 2)
Alloyin General Batterbot Battle Techtician
Blight Witch Brood Horror 2 X Catacomb Spider
Countermeasure Cypien Augmentation Darkheart Wanderer
Fell Strider Howl of Xith Ionic Warcharger
Jet Pack Legion Titan Nanoswarm
Necrotic Wurm Nexus Pilot Oreian Fieldmarshal
Palladium Wave Plunder Imp Shardthief Druid
Skyknight Glider Soul Harvest Soulscourge Grimgaunt
Torrent Witch Vault Welder War Tinker
Xithian Rotfiend Xithian Tormentor
bonerjangles playing sealed deck140
Played: Xlyph(0 - 2) Lateralus(0 - 2) Zero2Hero(0 - 2) SKiTHx(0 - 2)
Brood Horror 3 X Corpulent Shambler 3 X Darkshard Witch
3 X Dendrify Dissolve 3 X Dr. Frankenbaum
Ebonskull Knight Grapplevine Howl of Xith
Hungering Strike 2 X Noxious Cloud Poisoncoil
Sigmund Fraud Soulscourge Grimgaunt 2 X Swampmoss Lurker
Torrent Soldier Venomous Netherscale Xithian Host
2 X Xithian Hulk
Jarkin playing sealed deck150
Aetherphage Aquatic Embrace Ashurian Flamesculptor
Batterhide 2 X Blizzard Shaman 2 X Deepbranch Prowler
Dendrify Flamefury Shaman 2 X Gemhide Ravager
Glacial Crush Heart Tree Herald of Destruction
Iceborn Fortitude Kitaru Sprite Lavafused Asir
Master of Elements Metamorphosis 3 X Primordial Slam
2 X Riftlasher Runestorm Primordial Seismic Adept
Spiritfrost Shaman Totembound Berserker Volcanic Giant
konanTheBarbari playing sealed deck160
Ash Maiden Ashurian Mystic Batterhide
2 X Blizzard Shaman Borean Mystic Dendrify
Everflame Mystic Flowstone Primordial Gemhide Basher
Gemhide Ravager Kadras Colossus 2 X Lavafused Asir
2 X Lysian Hydra Master of Elements Metamorphosis
Nargath Bruiser Runestorm Primordial Seismic Adept
3 X Soothsayer Hermit Stonefist Giant 2 X Swampmoss Lurker
Tanglesprout 2 X Totembound Berserker
Necryl playing sealed deck170
2 X Ash Maiden Borean Mystic 2 X Brood Horror
2 X Catacomb Spider Cinderfist Brawler 3 X Dr. Frankenbaum
Ebonskull Knight 3 X Flowstone Primordial Howl of Xith
Nargath Bruiser 2 X Patron of Kadras Remembrance
Rimehorn Charger Stonefist Giant 2 X Thranik Ambusher
Varna's Pact 2 X Volcanic Giant Xithian Host
2 X Xithian Hulk
Restarter playing sealed deck180
Played: drinkksome(0 - 2)
Aetherphage Batterbot Batterhide
Battle Techtician Battletech Inventor Cavern Serpent
Citadel Guard Countermeasure Dendrify
Gemhide Basher Ghostscale Cobra 2 X Glowstride Stag
3 X Heavy Artillery 2 X Ionic Warcharger Jet Pack
Palladium Wave Swampmoss Lurker Technognome
Tower Scout Vault Intruder Vault Welder
Venomdrinker 2 X Venomfang Venomous Netherscale
War Tinker