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Saturday Super Banhammer Brew Night - Keyword Battle
Start Date: Saturday 28th May, 2016. 11:00 PM (UTC)
Format: OtherBest of 1 of 1Admins: jellypaladin
In Super Banhammer Brew Nights, the only first place that gets rewarded is the first place admiration of fellow players for your ingenious deckbuilding! Can you rise to the creative challenge?!

Player NameRankScoreOpen deck in Deck Editor
Seyfert playing Eggsies112
Played: Xlyph(1 - 0) DraftSilver(1 - 0) 7thCross(1 - 0) FlappyMcGee(1 - 0)
Ancestral Echoes
Everflame Phoenix
Ferocious Roar
Frostmane Dragon AA
Heart Tree
Othra, Apex Predator
Rubyscale Dragon
Scorchmane Dragon AA
Smolderscale Dragon
Weirwood Patriarch AA
FlappyMcGee playing Use the Forge, Luke. 29
Played: DraftSilver(1 - 0) bjclout(1 - 0) Seyfert(0 - 1) MoonCoral(1 - 0)
Deepbranch Ancient
Enduring Vitality
Ferocious Roar
Lash of Demara
Lifeblood Dryad
Nova, Grove Queen
Oros, Deepwood's Chosen
Stinging Invocation
Stygian Lotus
Verdant Charge
Weirwood Patriarch
bjclout playing Sparks The Rescue39
Played: Xlyph(1 - 0) grizz433(1 - 0) 7thCross(1 - 0) FlappyMcGee(0 - 1)
Ashurian Flamesculptor
Draconic Echoes
Frostshatter Strike
Master of Elements
Patron of Kadras
Sparkweaver Acolyte
Staff of Vaerus
Static Shock
Xlyph playing May He Rise Again46
Played: bjclout(0 - 1) grizz433(1 - 0) Seyfert(0 - 1) MoonCoral(1 - 0)
Aquatic Embrace
Blood Bindings
Blood Boil
Bonescythe Reaver
Cercee, Hand of Varna
Darkheart Conjurer
Ebonbound Warlord
Infernal Visage
Iniog, Carrion Demon
Seal of Tarsus
Soul Harvest
Torrent Witch
Windcaller Shaman
Xithian Direhound
DraftSilver playing Last time using Energy Surge56
Played: Zero2Hero(1 - 0) AltJellyPaladin(1 - 0) Seyfert(0 - 1) FlappyMcGee(0 - 1)
Cercee, Hand of Varna
Contagion Surge
Discordant Strike
Energy Surge AA
Epidemic AA
Howl of Xith
Palladium Wave
Perilous Insight
Scythe of Chiron
Sonic Pulse
Vyric's Embrace
MoonCoral playing Brew Battle66
Played: Xlyph(0 - 1) Zero2Hero(1 - 0) 7thCross(1 - 0) FlappyMcGee(0 - 1)
Arc Wurm
Blizzard Shaman
Blood Bindings
Blood Boil
Doomwing, Dire Drake
Frostfang Maiden
Suruzal, Emissary of Varna
Thundergale Invoker
Windcaller Shaman
AltJellyPaladin playing Wax On, Wax Off76
Played: DraftSilver(0 - 1) Zero2Hero(1 - 0) grizz433(1 - 0) 7thCross(0 - 1)
Alloyin Strategist AA
Chistlehearth Archer
Cypien Infiltrator
Deepbranch Prowler AA
Ferocious Roar
Hinterland Watchman
Ironbound Reinforcements
Nexus Aeronaut
Oxidon Spitter
Shardthief Druid
Soothsayer Hermit
Spiritsteel Infiltrator
Verdant Charge
7thCross playing Rise of the Ancient83
Played: AltJellyPaladin(1 - 0) bjclout(0 - 1) Seyfert(0 - 1) MoonCoral(0 - 1)
Aegis Wings
Brightsteel Gargoyle
Chistlehearth Archer
Deepbranch Ancient
Esperian Scarab
Esperian Steelplate
Ferocious Roar
Ironbeard, Hammer of Anvillon
Oxidon Spitter
Palladium Simulacrum
Savage Oath
Shardplate Graft
Shardthief Druid
Verdant Charge
grizz433 playing burn up or burn out93
Played: AltJellyPaladin(0 - 1) Xlyph(0 - 1) Zero2Hero(1 - 0) bjclout(0 - 1)
Blood Boil
Call the Lightning
Everflame Aura
Flame Lance
Ice Grasp
Ice Torrent
Lightning Spark
Othra, Apex Predator
Seal of Kadras
Staff of Vaerus
Static Shock
Stinging Invocation
Zero2Hero playing What's an Energeist? Robots that haunt you for bad maintenance100
Played: AltJellyPaladin(0 - 1) DraftSilver(0 - 1) grizz433(0 - 1) MoonCoral(0 - 1)
Aegis Wings
Bulwark Bash
Cypien Battlesuit
Ironbound Reinforcements
Nexus Bubble
Nexus Techtician
Oreian Battledroid
Phalanx Squadron
Pummel Pack
Spiritforge Sentinel
Spiritsteel Infiltrator
Tech Upgrade
Tower Vanguard
Vault Blockade