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Saturday Super Banhammer Brew Night - Singleton Legendaries, Doubleton Heroics!
Start Date: Saturday 30th Apr, 2016. 11:00 PM (UTC)
Format: OtherBest of 1 of 1Admins: jellypaladin
In Super Banhammer Brew Nights, the only first place that gets rewarded is the first place admiration of fellow players for your ingenious deckbuilding! Can you rise to the creative challenge?!

Player NameRankScoreOpen deck in Deck Editor
Necryl playing Brew Uterra 123112
Played: zrandles(1 - 0) 7thCross(1 - 0) coAsterg1rl(1 - 0) SKiTHx(1 - 0)
Bramblewood Tracker
Call the Lightning
Enduring Vitality
Ferocious Roar
Lash of Demara
Malice Hermit
Nova, Grove Queen
Oros, Deepwood's Chosen
Patron of Deepwood
Rubyscale Dragon
Scatterspore Eidolon
Shardbound Invoker
Shardplate Behemoth
Snowdrift Alpha
Soothsayer Hermit
Ursine Strength
Uterra Packmaster
Uterradon Ridgeback
zrandles playing Bad Gardeners29
Played: AMQUACK(1 - 0) Necryl(0 - 1) 7thCross(1 - 0) Funeral(1 - 0)
Aegis Wings
Alyssa, Strifeborn
Ambriel's Edict
Brighttusk Sower
Enduring Vitality
Ferocious Roar
Lash of Demara
Malice Hermit
Nova, Grove Queen AA
Patron of Deepwood
Scatterspore Eidolon
Torrent Soldier
Wildwood Sower
SKiTHx playing Flying Spagetti Monster!39
Played: Zero2Hero(1 - 0) Necryl(0 - 1) coAsterg1rl(1 - 0) Funeral(1 - 0)
Ambriel Archangel
Anvillon Arbiter
Arcflight Squadron
Citadel Guard
Energy Prison
Forge Guardian Alpha
Forge Guardian Beta
Forge Guardian Delta
Forge Guardian Gamma
Leyline Sentry
Marty McGear
Nexus Bubble
Sonic Pulse
War Tinker
coAsterg1rl playing AlternaTe move46
Played: AMQUACK(1 - 0) Zero2Hero(1 - 0) Necryl(0 - 1) SKiTHx(0 - 1)
Aegis Wings
Alloyin Strategist AA
Borean Windweaver AA
Brightsteel Gargoyle
Cindersmoke Wyvern
Emberwind Evoker
Everflame Phoenix AA
Fervent Assault
Frostmane Dragon AA
Master of Elements AA
Nexus Aeronaut
Oratek Explosives AA
Oratek Warhammer
Phoenix Call
Scorchmane Dragon AA
Seismic Adept
Staff of Vaerus
Steeleye Seer
Uriel Ironwing
Warmonger Mod
7thCross playing Anger Mismanagement56
Played: zrandles(0 - 1) Xlyph(1 - 0) AltJellyPaladin(1 - 0) Necryl(0 - 1)
Ashurian Mystic
Brimstone Tyrant
Iztek, Khan of Arrachtor
Korok, Khan of Kadras
Lash of Demara
Noxious Cloud
Phoenix Call
Pyre Giant
Runestorm Primordial
Shadowflame Elemental
Shardclaw Crusher
Smolderscale Dragon
Spiritflame Mystic
Valifrax, Iztek's Champion
Wildfire Maiden
Funeral playing Til death do us part... or maybe even death won't keep us away... AHH Stalker!66
Played: Xlyph(1 - 0) AltJellyPaladin(1 - 0) zrandles(0 - 1) SKiTHx(0 - 1)
Corpulent Shambler
Death Seeker
Fell Strider
Ferocious Roar
Grimgaunt Devourer
Immortal Echoes
Iniog, Carrion Demon
Lyria, Muse of Varna
Nefrax, the Soulweaver
Nova, Grove Queen
Progeny of Xith
Shallow Grave
Tarsus Deathweaver
Varna's Pact
Xithian Shambler
Yuru, the Necrosage
AMQUACK playing The Dark Side (or how I learned to stop worrying and use creatures that get better with higher attack)76
Played: zrandles(0 - 1) Xlyph(1 - 0) AltJellyPaladin(1 - 0) coAsterg1rl(0 - 1)
Alloyin Strategist
Battle Techtician
Borean Windweaver
Cypien Augmentation
Cypien Battlesuit
Cypien Infiltrator
Forge Oracle
Frostshatter Strike
Gauntlets of Sulgrim
Hinterland Watchman
Nexus Aeronaut
Nexus Bubble
Oratek Explosives
Oratek Warhammer
Rageborn Hellion
Scorchmane Dragon
Xlyph playing Evacuate The Dance Floor83
Played: AMQUACK(0 - 1) Zero2Hero(1 - 0) 7thCross(0 - 1) Funeral(0 - 1)
Aegis Wings
Aerial Surge
Ambriel's Edict
Arc Wurm
Borean Windweaver
Byzerak Spitemage
Cindersmoke Wyvern
Emberwind Evoker
Energy Prison
Everflame Aura
Firefist Uranti
Frostfang Maiden
Master of Elements
Overwhelming Force
Palladium Simulacrum
Seismic Adept
Staff of Vaerus
Steeleye Seer
Storm Bringer
Thundergale Invoker
Valifrax, Iztek's Champion
Wipe Clean
Zyx, Storm Herald
AltJellyPaladin playing Metaminds: an asexual all-male species resulting from genetic engineering! However! When Ghox and Drix were sent to an alternate dimension, mutating them, they developed a new desire! Now back in Solis, can their fellow people help them choose... A GIRL?!93
Played: AMQUACK(0 - 1) Zero2Hero(1 - 0) 7thCross(0 - 1) Funeral(0 - 1)
Ancestral Echoes
Blood Boon
Drix, the Mindwelder AA
Dryad's Boon
Ferocious Roar
Ghox, Metamind Paragon AA
Grove Huntress
Kitaru Sprite
Lifeblood Dryad
Lifeshaper Savant
Lysian Shard
Metamind Adept
Metamind Archivist
Metamind Overseer
Mind Breaker
Nova, Grove Queen
Solstice Reveler
Spiritbloom Dryad
Spring Dryad
Zero2Hero playing AppendoPhobia100
Played: AltJellyPaladin(0 - 1) Xlyph(0 - 1) coAsterg1rl(0 - 1) SKiTHx(0 - 1)
Brood Horror
Corpse Crawler
Demonweb Watcher
Grimgaunt Doomrider
Group Meal
Ionic Warcharger
Perdition Guard
Pummel Pack
Sparky, Forge Guard Dog
Steelwatch Guard
Torrent Acolyte
Vault Intruder
Xithian Tormentor
Oreosushi playing Yeti Smash110
Ferocious Roar
Firefist Uranti
Glacial Crush
Heart Tree
Talin Stampede
Uranti Bolt
Uranti Warlord
Uranti Warstoker
Verdant Charge
Wallbreaker Yeti
Weirwood Patriarch