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Name of suggestion
Is this a bug?

feature request
Color-coded chat.11 votes Suggested by:Sunlandic
It would be really useful if the chat assigned random colors to people like twitch chat does. With the recent surge in the number of players it is sometimes hard to tell what is going on and this would reduce confusion. A special color assigned to whispers would also be very useful.
feature request
Last date online3 votes Suggested by:AMQUACK
When looking for trades, it's quite useful to be able to check the last time/date a player was on the ladder website. That way we're not waiting for inactive players to respond to our trade requests.
feature request
Team application2 votes Suggested by:Funeral
New teams can create questions and be open or not to applicants, but there is no way to apply. Only join with password
feature request
Trade Ads2 votes Suggested by:TheIrishBAMF
I would like to have a classified section where people could advertise cards they have or need. Limits on ad time and number would be necessary but it would help for people actively trading so they don't have to contact 50 players who might not even check their inbox often
Bug fix
restore draft1 votes Suggested by:kaelari
Draft needs a new template to be functional again
feature request
H/W import1 votes Suggested by:Djurre
option to import your H/W list from a csv
Bug fix
Tournaments/Players Online0 votes Suggested by:Nagi
When signed in and on tourney page then click players online the page goes grey and i have to reload
feature request
game logs0 votes Suggested by:ghybru
Prior to crash we could see the game logs that were pasted by players in the information - game log tab. It would be a nice feature to have back
feature request
Trading Guide0 votes Suggested by:Djurre
someone remake the trading guide !
feature request
Card Pricing Guide0 votes Suggested by:HiMyNameIzMatt
Have a Pricing/Trading Guide that players can use as a reference when trading AAs, new legendaries, etc. For instance I didn't know the values of AA until Foxhull told us in a chat the other day. see link - http://imgur.com/a/UzftL
Bug fix
Duplicate decks0 votes Suggested by:Wendell
When I save a new deck in the official client, it ends up saved in two deck slots. Seems to only happen with new decks.
feature request
Cyrus rebalance suggestion0 votes Suggested by:Ludomancer
I suggest that you leave Cyrus as-is, except that his destroy ability AFFECTS HIMSELF as well. This way you won't easily be able to create a huge, growing creature in rank 1.