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Welcome to Kaelari's Ladder

An Unofficial Competitive Ladder for SolForge.

Play SolForge, report your games, and climb the ladder.

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General guidelines for all tournaments:
  • Always report after each game. In a best 2 of 3 (or more) tournament you still need to report after each game.
  • If a tournament requires decklists you are REQUIRED to play the deck you entered. If you find you accidentally sent/accepted the challenge with the wrong deck immediately inform your opponent and the organizer. Doing so more than once in a single tournament may result in penalties.
  • Be prepared to be checked in at least 10 minutes before the event is to begin. You may get dropped if you are not checked in when the event begins
  • Sign up at least 15 minutes before an event is to begin. Signups are often left open until the event is about to begin but signing up at the last second is asking for problems. If you wait to the last second and miss your chance don't complain. If you are going to be late and don't want to be dropped talk to the organizer before the event is to begin.
  • If you are unable to find your opponent to send a challenge or your opponent doesn't send a challenge in a few minutes post in chat. Players are expected to be present when a round begins and send or receive the challenge quickly. 5 minutes late will result in a game loss. 10 minutes may result in being dropped from the event.
  • Finishing in time is the responsibility of both players. However see the slow play guidelines below.
  • If you report incorrectly on accident please report it to the TO immediately. Doing so repeatedly in a single event may result in penalties.
  • All rulings by the organizer of the tournament are final.
  • Players may concede at any time, nothing may be offered or given in exchange for a concession.
  • In a timed best of tournament players may agree to draw. Nothing may be offered or given in exchange for a draw.
  • Players in all tournaments are expected to maintain good sportsmanship. The definition of this is to be determined by the organizer.
  • If you believe your opponent has cheated in some way, please contact the TO in private to discuss the issue.
  • Cheating or bribery in any form will be taken very seriously and reported to StoneBlade.

Slow Play guidelines (best of 3 tournaments):

All challenges should be sent as TIMED games. The round time limit (for up to 3 games) is set per tournament normally around 50 minutes. If your opponent takes a significant amount of time to send or accept a challenge, or if you believe your opponent is playing slowly, please report it DURING the match. This can be done using the Contact Admin button found on the tournament page, which will send a private message to the tournament administrator. Reports of slow play received at the end of the round (once you think you are going to go to time) will not be considered.

When reporting slow play, please report your game number, current rank, and the current time on both players' clocks (for example: Game 1, PL2.2, Player1 15:20, Player2 10:30). I recommend reporting if the difference between your clock and your opponent's clock is greater than 3 minutes, and again if it becomes greater than 5 minutes. It is likely the admin will ask you to report the final clock state at the end of the game as well.

If you have not finished your match when the round time ends both you and your opponent will receive a draw unless it is determined that one player was at fault for the round going to time. This determination will be made based on the total amount of time used by each player for the games that were played, and is up to the judgment of the tournament aministrator.