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Welcome to Kaelari's Ladder

An Unofficial Competitive Ladder for SolForge.

Play SolForge, report your games, and climb the ladder.

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How to play in ladder tournaments

  1. Register a ladder account(if you haven't already) and sign in.
  2. If you have not yet made a deck do so by clicking on your name in the upper right corner of the page and selecting decks from the drop down list. Make sure your deck is legal. It will list which formats(if any) it is legal in on the decks page. If your not sure why your deck is illegal make sure it has the right number of cards. This is the most common problem with decks. If the deck is short cards you can add them with the edit button, but if you have excess cards you have to make a new deck.(This will be improved in the future)
  3. Go to the upcoming tournaments page(tournaments->upcoming tournaments). Find the tournament you want to join. Select your deck and click join tournament.
  4. About 15 minutes before the tournament begins you should be able to check in. go to the upcoming tournaments page and click on the check in link. It will be where the join button was.
  5. Stay on the checked in page. If you leave you'll become unchecked in and may be dropped if you are not present when the tournament is to start. This page will update automaticly when each round begins with your pairings and report options. After you report you will see the current standings, these standings will only update after each round finishes. If the event is a best 2 of 3 you need to report after each game. When both you and your opponent have reported game 1 you will receive the pairing information for game 2. This will happen again after game 2 if you need to play a game 3.
  6. If you wish to drop before the tournament finishes use the drop button. If you have any problems just use the chat or the contact admin button.
Thats about it. If you have further questions don't hesitate to ask.
Some good things to know about tournaments:
  • Remember to report after each game not just each round.
  • It is possible to become disconnected from the server for a wide variety of reasons. If you are told your not checked in but your on the check in page try reloading the page.
  • You can contact an admin at anytime with the contact admin button or just posting in chat.
  • Sounds will play at the end of round and when you are paired. Hearing these sounds is dependant on your browser and system. You can adjust volume from your settings page.
  • Standings will update between rounds but scores are updated as soon as both player report. This may cause your standing to be incorrect until the round ends.
  • Owin% is your opponents' match win percent, which is used as the first tiebreaker. See the FAQ for a detailed description of how Owin% is calculated. Second tiebreaker is your game win %.
  • Players are color coded as follows: reported and done with their match, blue. Dropped, gray. Reported in conflict, red.
  • Prizes from tournaments usually will show up on your codes page. Your username in the upper right -> codes. However the tournament organizer may choose a different method. If in doubt ask.