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Welcome to Kaelari's Ladder

An Unofficial Competitive Ladder for SolForge.

Play SolForge, report your games, and climb the ladder.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does this work?
    After you sign up and log in you can go to the play page. There you can enter a queue to be paired against another player. While in the queue remain on the page until you get paired. If you wish to leave click the leave queue button. When you are paired you will be instructed to either send a challenge or wait for a challenge. Do so and play your game. After the game is over report your results. If you leave the pairing page you can go to play to report a game. It is important that both players report win or lose.
  • How are ratings calculated?
    The system uses a standard ELO system. Games are 16k and weight of 400. If you don't know what that means, don't worry about it. Put simply it's the same system chess has been using for a long time.
  • What if I can't find my opponent or they don't respond to the challenge?
    Try contacting them in chat. Remember to wait a reasonable amount of time (at least 5 minutes) as sometimes real life interferes. If you still can't get any response from them mark the game as not played
  • How do I select a deck and what does it do?
    You can make a deck from the decks page. You can then select a deck before entering a queue. The ladder will then keep track of stats for that deck. This is only for your stats no one else can see your deck or it's stats.
  • Can I multiqueue?
    You can join multiple queues at once. When you get paired in any of them you will be removed from all queues. If you want to play multiple games you can open the play page again after you get paired and rejoin the queues. Remember you are still expected to play at a reasonable speed.
  • Are there prizes?
    Yes see the prizes page
  • What happens if someone reported wrong?
    Send a message via the contact page. Serious action will be taken against anyone who intentionally misreports games.
  • Do I have to include the log of the game?
    No, but it is strongly encouraged. It can solve issues if there is a dispute over who wins the game.
  • Why do I have to send a timed challenge?
    To avoid issues if your opponent suddenly stops playing. A timed game provides plenty of time to play.
  • Are you connected to Stoneblade Entertainment in anyway?
    No. This site is completely fanmade. This is why we depend on donations to keep running.
  • If I donate money where will it go?
    The server for the ladder currently costs $40 a month, so the first $40 in donations will always go toward that. Any donations over the cost of the server will go toward additional prizes.