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Welcome to Kaelari's Ladder

An Unofficial Competitive Ladder for SolForge.

Play SolForge, report your games, and climb the ladder.

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How to Contribute

The ladder needs:
  • Web Designers
  • Programmers
  • Moderators
  • Tournament Organizers

General Information

I have limited time. I frequently hear from people offering to help who then vanish. As you show you're able to contribute I'll be willing to spend more time and energy on you. Things link being able to push code changes, make changes to live templates, etc, come with earning trust and showing you are competent.

Web Designers

You can get started right away with the custom templates system. These are poorly documented but quite powerful. All the ladder's pages are generated through the template system. The pages are made of a header, a footer and a page template. Header includes everything above your current standings, the menu, css and js links. The footer includes chat, copyright notice and modals.
To make a new template just go to Edit Custom Templates. Select which type of template from the drop down. (Some of these are poorly named) Choose a name for your template and click create. It will make a new template and copy the default template into it. You can then edit the full html of this template.
To see your new template you must go to choose custom templates, find the page for your template and select your template then click save at the bottom. You can revert to default the same way. Be very careful with custom header templates, if you delete the link to custom templates you may not be able to unset your choices.
Variables can be added to templates by using <TMPL_VAR name=name> . These are also available as loops: <TMPL_LOOP name=name> </TMPL_LOOP>. Also <TMPL_IF name=name> <TMPL_ELSE> </TMPL_IF> These are all case insensitive. Also although they look like HTML they are parsed before the page is sent to the browser so they can be safely nested inside HTML tags.

To see what variables are available on a given page you can add &showalltemplates=1 to the page url. Some pages need ?showalltemplates=1 instead.


The ladder backend is written in Perl based cgi. You can access the public git repo at git@solforgeladder.com:/opt/git/ladder.git with password ladderfun. Changes to the git repo are NOT automatically pushed to live. That would be an epic security hole... If you make changes you must contact kaelari to have them checked and pushed. Please do at least basic testing before contacting kaelari. perl -c at the very least.
SBE-API.pm is intentionally NOT included in the git repo. This is not a bug.
If you have made some useful changes and would like your public key added to avoid needing to enter the password this can be done.

If you wish to use the git repo to set up your own site, support is generally not available. I may offer a minimal amount in chat. I do ask for credit and a link back to the ladder. Other than that do whatever you want with it.


We'll contact you. Experience has shown those asking for it shouldn't be given it.

Tournament Organizers

If you wish to run any form of solforge tournament contact kaelari. There are no requirements and it usually takes only a couple minutes to get you set up. Learning all the features is another matter. Once you have access you may wish to speak to another TO to learn the fine art.