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News posted by Funeral on Wednesday 10th Oct, 2018. 10:11 AM (UTC)

Hi everyone,

Solforge is being continued as ReForged, please head over to www.reforgedgame.com for more information and to download the new client.
We don't have a large team, so to keep things simple and streamlined I will be only be posting news/content to the reforged social media accounts (reddit/discord/facebook/twitter).
If you want the latest updates, please join the discord server here 

The solforgegame.com server and forums will stay, but I will not be monitoring or posting any more content to it.

Regarding the current FRG client on steam:
I don't have access to nor the resources to update the Solforge FRG client currently on steam.
All development activity on this client has ceased, with no updates in almost two years.
I can't maintain support of this, especially with new cards coming in the near future.
If you would like to continue playing Solforge, please consider www.reforgedgame.com
There is a Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS client available.


News posted by Funeral on Friday 29th Dec, 2017. 2:59 PM (UTC)

Experiment K is getting an update: SetK.1

SetK1 is joining SetK (along with some changes to cards already in setK) to flesh out the meta a little more.
Gone are the days of your opponent stocking up on 8 each of a few key cards.
Also, the draft will no longer be 6 cards in every pack. It will go 6 Legends, then 6, 5, 4, 3, 4 heroic, 6, 5, 4, 3, 4 heroic...
Thanks for all the feedback!

We're really trying to push the boundaries of what the current mechanics can allow.
We came up with dozens of mechanics, but do not want to flood the design space with them all at once.
There will be a few new mechanics scattered on individual cards and a few new concepts applied to cycles of cards.
Here are a couple more keywords:

  • Prologue - This ability triggers once when the game begins. If your deck contains multiple Prologues, only the last one to trigger (at random) will remain in effect.
  • Siphon - The enemy player loses and you gain this much Health.

  • I'm sure by now your eyes are glazed over and you're just scrolling down looking for the spoiler, so here it is!
    Yeti of the Iron Calculus
    Defender decks finally have their general for a war of attrition!
    Will you be able to scoot him around the board and manage when he activates to grind your opponent into submission?

    For the die-hards that managed to read down this far, those of us in the testing group have high hopes for being able to utilize the new mechanics/keywords we've put in SetK and also those we have not revealed when it comes time to make a true Solforge Expansion.
    When will that be? Unfortunately, it remains a technical issue of releasing official clients with new art. I simply don't have a timeline.

    News posted by Funeral on Friday 29th Dec, 2017. 2:35 PM (UTC)

    There are those who believe that the universe has a built in balance, that for each atom of darkness an equal amount of light is present somewhere out there. We see this manifested in numerous places: Yin and Yang, Kylo Ren and Rey, Chocolate and Peanut Butter, Abbot and Costello... But until recently, Experiment K had been thrust into the darkness. A card called "Death and Taxes" had caused a great disturbance in the force with "no answer" (Aside from Automated Armory, Diffusing Windwall, Lupin BattleSergeant, and a host of other cards; but I digress...).  

    Would a hero emerge from the light in K.1 to fight the inevitable ambush scourge plaguing the queues?! Yes, he would, in a small but mighty package that might be nostalgic for some older SF players. I present: Herald of Chaos, the ambush hating, fire gnome relative of Herald of Destruction. Herald hates surprises just as much as you do and makes sure your opponent knows not to draft/play any shenanigans while he's on watch. 

    And, if you want to up the levels of sadism to drive home your point, feel free to buff him up using such spells as Bouncing Blades, Healing Strength, or a host of other new and exciting cards. On behalf of the testing team, we hope balance will be restored by this fiesty little pyromaniac, and may he trigger in multipes for you in queue. 

    News posted by Funeral on Friday 15th Dec, 2017. 8:28 AM (UTC)

    Experiment K, Today!

    Today marks a momentous occasion in the Solforge realm!
    New content bursting at its seams, waiting to be explored. How will you build? All in aggro? Grow wide tokens? Ambush and response?

    Wait, wait, wait. How do I respond to Ambush???

    By being prepared!


    Today we go forth to battle with new armies, new strategies, and old images... from cards we didn't use anyhow!
    sad trombone

    We've mentioned new skills, so here is a list of the new Keywords:
    Rank-Gated: The level of the target must be less than or equal to your current player Rank.
    Underdrop: Requires the card being played to be at least 1 level lower than your current Rank.
    Level-Gated: The level of the target must be less than or equal to the level of the card initiating the effect.
    RankUp: When you gain a Rank.
    Deadly 1/2/3/4: When this deals battle damage to a level 1/2/3/any creature, destroy that creature. (Player, at 4).
    Outcast: A creature is an Outcast when there are no friendly creatures in adjacent spaces.
    Alone: A creature is Alone when it is your only creature.
    Lone Warrior: A creature is a Lone Warrior when it is your only creature without Defender.

    We'd like everyone to please be aware that a lot of hours, a lot of effort went into this on a purely volunteer basis.
    We all love this game and all want to make it better, so absolutely please do give us feedback!
    But try to keep it positive! How can we improve gameplay, how can we improve events?
    The best way to get feedback is to drop by solforgeladder.com and join chat, seek out Kaelari and other steadfast members of the community.
    Get involved, contribute ideas, feedback, testing!

    News posted by Funeral on Thursday 14th Dec, 2017. 11:26 AM (UTC)

    Hello Again, ready for another spoiler?

    I hope you are because here comes another one!
    Many things in solforge, like in life are choices one can make.
    There are very few certainties. However, a couple of certainties in life have made their way over to Solforge now!


    Say Hi! to Death and Taxes. The card that ironically is extremely random... but as you'd expect, not enjoyable in the least!
    Ambush is back with a card for each faction for all new situations!
    Which will you select to prepare for battle on Solis?

    News posted by Funeral on Wednesday 13th Dec, 2017. 11:20 AM (UTC)

    Hey Solforgers!

    I’m back with another spoiler from Experiment K! A card with a new Keyword: Outcast! What is an outcast you ask? Well it is a creature that has no adjacent creatures!


    Creature placement and movement becomes even more critical to keep your army advancing at its most powerful while keeping your opponent off balance!

    News posted by Funeral on Tuesday 12th Dec, 2017. 11:21 AM (UTC)

    Hey Solforgers!

    I’m very proud to announce that there is new content coming soon to Solforge. It’s a special event we’re calling Experiment K. A whole set of cards have been created, reusing art from previous cards. This is NOT a new set that will be released for play alongside existing cards. Experiment K is primarily intended to be a draft format, but because of demand within the testing community, there will also be an “Experiment K Phantom Constructed” queue. I’m sure by now you’re all saying… Hey Funeral, shut up, show me the money, ahem, spoiler card! This set will include some mechanics that seem to “break” solforge. One of them is self leveling cards!


    That’s right, if it’s in your discard at the end of your X.4 turn, it’s going to level up automatically!!! And yes, if you played it, it will level up again! Giving you an L3 in your Rank 2, which you can play! I hope you all enjoy finding ways to push the boundaries of the game with the new cards and I’ll be back tomorrow to share another card that uses the game engine in new ways!

    News posted by Funeral on Monday 23rd Oct, 2017. 4:46 PM (UTC)
    KUSC 0.71 has just dropped!
    You can download the client for your platform here.

    A list of the fixes and additions can be found on the official forums!

    Discuss it on the Reddit Thread!

    And lastly, Naviln is trying out a new bugtracker here.
    Old bugs will be ported over at some point!

    As always many thanks to Naviln and Kaelari for all their hard work!

    Happy Solforging everyone!
    News posted by Funeral on Wednesday 6th Sep, 2017. 9:44 AM (UTC)
    Hey everyone!
    There is a new version of KUSC out!
    The main site had an update on the state of solforge which you can find here.
    If you want to be involved in the testing of KUSC or rebalancing or new sets, get involved in this discord.
    The upcoming event schedule:
    9/7 WW 6 Card Heroic
    9/9 Elite Constructed
    9/14 WW Precision Draft
    9/23 Elite Draft
    And as always, the new month brings a new season! Can you make it to the top?
    News posted by Funeral on Thursday 27th Jul, 2017. 9:05 AM (UTC)
    Hello Solforgers! Just a quick update on a few things: