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Welcome to Kaelari's Ladder

An Unofficial Competitive Ladder for SolForge.

Play SolForge, report your games, and climb the ladder.

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Resets at Sunday 15th Jan, 2017. 2:00 PM (UTC) Showing top 50 of 8 total.
RankTeamPlayer NameTrophiesRatingHighestGames Played
1titAn1umBot 1615.981615.984
2Nagi 1615.121615.122
3Ipwnfour 1607.821607.821
4Funeral 1594.451608.0111
5Harjavaldar 159216001
6Ssppaamm 1591.6816001
7FlappyMcGee 1591.4916001
8ghybru 1591.4616001