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Welcome to Kaelari's Ladder

An Unofficial Competitive Ladder for SolForge.

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1 of: Iniog, Carrion Demon, Nefrax, the Soulweaver, Varna's Pact, Spiritstone Sentry, Woebringer, Xithian Shambler, Scourgeflame Sorcerer, Dread, Vyric Ebonskull, Duskmaw, Twilight Drake, Soul Drinker, Lyria, Muse of Varna
1 of: Call the Lightning, Glaceus, Tundra Tyrant, Zyx, Storm Herald, Abraxas, Avatar of Kadras, Nug, Fury Fists, Everflame Mystic, Storm Bringer, Flameblade Champion, Everflame Phoenix, Agamemnon, Cindersmoke Wyvern, Valifrax, Iztek's Champion
1 of: Dozer, the Dormant, Shardplate Behemoth, Enduring Vitality, Thundersaur, Scatterspore Eidolon, Echowisp, Uterradon Ridgeback, Talisin, Bard of Abundance, Dream Tree, Heart Tree, Uterra Packmaster
1 of: Delpha, Chronosculptor, Alyssa, Strifeborn, Ambriel Archangel, Ghox, Metamind Paragon, Uriel Ironwing, Aegis Knight, Brightsteel Gargoyle, Oreian Warwalker, Synapsis Oracle, Hinterland Watchman, Doppelbot, Crux, Metamind Rogue
4 of: Unrelenting Dead, Hellforged Avatar, Darkheart Conjurer, Necroplasm, Xithian Tormentor, Rite of the Grimgaunt, Crypt Conjurer, Portal Shade, Byzerak Frostmaiden, Witherfrost Succubus, Dreadbolt, Soul Harvest, Progeny of Xith, Fleshreaver, Spite Hydra
4 of: Firefist Uranti, Frostspeaker Shaman, Leyline Tyrant, Oratek Warhammer, Lavafused Asir, Cyclone Rider, Borean Mystic, Seismic Adept, Ashurian Flamesculptor, Blazing Hostility, Spiritflame Mystic, Hammerfang, Cinderfist Brawler, Wildfire Maiden, Stormforged Avatar
4 of: Lightbringer Council, Gemhide Ravager, Leyline Golem, Runebark Guardian, Rootforged Avatar, Frostwild Tracker, Metamorphosis, Relentless Wanderers, Verdant Charge, Esperian Steelplate, Stygian Lotus, Tremorsaur, Dragon Slayer, Shardplate Graft, Big Bad Bartok
4 of: Patron of Anvillon, Metasculpt, War Machine, Leyline Sentry, Shardthief Druid, Ambriel's Edict, Shadowsmith, Warmonger Mod, Oreian Battledroid, Overwhelming Force, Nexus Gunner, Bulwark Battalion, H.E.R.M.E.S, Onyxium Allomancer, Wipe Clean
6 of: Organ Harvester, Byzerak Drake, Blight Witch, Vigor Leech, Nyrali Ooze, Calamity Fiend, Torrent Witch, Brood Horror, Nether Decay, Blight Walker, Fell Strider, Darkheart Wanderer, Spectral Rider
6 of: Frozen Solid, Herald of Destruction, Uranti Cryomancer, Sparktail Manticore, Zephyr Mage, Wallbreaker Yeti, Totembound Berserker, Asir's Blessing, Flamestoke Shaman, Dragonkeeper Shaman, Stone Brand, Everflame Aura, Uranti Bolt
6 of: Wildwood Sower, Dendrify, Oxidon Spitter, Lightbringer Cleric, Noxious Cloud, Dryad's Boon, Batterhide, Whispers of Dendris, Tangle, Shimmerfang Serpent, Toxic Boon, Gemhide Basher, Lysian Shard
6 of: Forgeplate Minotaur, Armory Outpost, Metadata Redactor, Energy Surge, Vault Blockade, Nanoswarm, Palladium Pulsemage, Cypien Augmentation, Perilous Insight, Phalanx Squadron, Alloyin General, Oreian Fieldmarshal, Stasis Indexer
10 of: Deepwood Bear Rider, Lightshield Patrol, Aetherguard, Cavern Slime, Glacial Colossus, Cull the Weak, Swampmoss Ancient, Sap, Sorrow Harvester, Aethertap Shaman, Spiritfrost Shaman, Bramblewood Guardian, Primordial Slam, Festering Slime, Cinder Mystic, Lightning Tamer, Abyssal Maw, Feral Instinct, Storm Caller, Cypien Battlesuit, Metamind Overseer, Charnel Titan, Metamind Adept, Blood Boil, Sonic Burst, Featherfang, Crypt Slime, Zombie Infantry, Sparksoul, Stouthide Stegadon, Grapplevine, Witherfrost Banshee, Herd Mother, Steelspark Tinkerer, Aetherforge Oracle, Toxic Spores, Ashurian Mystic, Blood Boon, Conflagrate, Blood Bindings, Aegis Pulse, Lightning Spark, Flame Jet, Bride of Frankenbaum, Jet Pack, Fangwood Ravager, Seal of Tarsus, Lysian Hydra, Metamind Infiltrator, Battletech Inventor, Flowsteel Carrier, Umbraglim Mantis, Deepmoss Raptor, Brighttusk Sower, Branchweaver Druid, Metamind Archivist, Marrow Fiend, Nyrali Ambusher, Cavern Hydra, Firelight Hunter, Vengeful Spirit, Heavy Artillery, Demonweb Watcher, Steelwatch Guard, Steeleye Researcher, Thranik Ambusher, Seal of Kadras, Tundra Watcher, Firemane Steed, Rimehorn Charger, Enrage, Glowhive Siren, Chistlehearth Hunter, Fit of Rage, Xithian Crusher, Grave Geist, Steam Sentinel, Forge Guardian Alpha, Infernal Visage, Catacomb Spider
10 of: Demonweb Watcher, Catacomb Spider, Sorrow Harvester, Crypt Slime, Cavern Slime, Witherfrost Banshee, Xithian Crusher, Seal of Tarsus, Grave Geist, Infernal Visage, Zombie Infantry, Nyrali Ambusher, Marrow Fiend, Festering Slime, Abyssal Maw, Bride of Frankenbaum, Vengeful Spirit, Cull the Weak, Charnel Titan, Blood Bindings
10 of: Thranik Ambusher, Firelight Hunter, Lightning Tamer, Storm Caller, Lightning Spark, Rimehorn Charger, Seal of Kadras, Glacial Colossus, Conflagrate, Blood Boil, Sparksoul, Steam Sentinel, Ashurian Mystic, Primordial Slam, Firemane Steed, Cinder Mystic, Aethertap Shaman, Fit of Rage, Flame Jet, Spiritfrost Shaman
10 of: Feral Instinct, Glowhive Siren, Stouthide Stegadon, Brighttusk Sower, Chistlehearth Hunter, Lysian Hydra, Umbraglim Mantis, Swampmoss Ancient, Cavern Hydra, Deepmoss Raptor, Grapplevine, Herd Mother, Featherfang, Branchweaver Druid, Blood Boon, Toxic Spores, Deepwood Bear Rider, Enrage, Fangwood Ravager, Bramblewood Guardian
10 of: Metamind Adept, Flowsteel Carrier, Metamind Archivist, Forge Guardian Alpha, Metamind Overseer, Aetherforge Oracle, Steelwatch Guard, Battletech Inventor, Cypien Battlesuit, Sonic Burst, Metamind Infiltrator, Tundra Watcher, Steeleye Researcher, Sap, Aetherguard, Jet Pack, Aegis Pulse, Heavy Artillery, Lightshield Patrol, Steelspark Tinkerer