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Merry Christmas in Solis
Written by BlinksWithFistsSite: Google Docs
Set K Spoilers
Tags: spoilers, constructed, decklists

Just For Funsies: Howling Angel
Written by UrzaAntillesSite: Towers of Steel
Deck tech
Tags: Deck Tech, SolForge, Control

Hand Jaerb - a SF discard deck
Written by BlinksWithFistsSite: Reddit
deck tech
Tags: deck, solforge, jank, discard

Just For Funsies: AT Ultimate Voltron
Written by UrzaAntillesSite: My Gaming Blog
A Forge Guardians deck
Tags: Deck Tech

Just For Funsies: NU Court of Life and Death
Written by UrzaAntillesSite: My Gaming Blog
A royal-themed deck
Tags: Deck Tech

A Return To Mono Burn
Written by UrzaAntillesSite: My Gaming Blog
A post-rebalance deck for laddering
Tags: Deck Tech

Written by Deck: Wendell; Lore: MagaFortOssSite: The Ironmind Company
New 7.3 Metamind deck using GSF Commando
Tags: 7.3, Deck Build, Lore

Deck Tech: Specimen Poison
Written by KorSkyfisherSite: Reddit
I've been messing around with Poison again since the nerfs and found myself quite enamored of Specimen 001 in my list. Here is what I've been having success with:
Tags: Deck Tech

JimbozGrapes Season 5 Titanium deck techs.
Written by JimbozGrapesSite: Youtube
3 Decks I used to get to titanium this season.
Tags: Strategy, Deck Tech, Titanium

Iniog: The Rebirth
Written by Magagumo, Ossis, FortnightSite: The Ironmind Company
Four new decks built around the rebalanced Iniog
Tags: 7.3, Deck Build

Raid deck and running multiple instances of solforge
Written by JimbozGrapesSite: Reddit/youtube
Quick deck tech for a deck I used to get to titanium in about 8 hours, and a short guide on running multiple instances of solforge
Tags: Deck Tech, Guide, Solforge

Deck Tech- Murderous
Written by MagagumoSite: The Ironmind Company
A new NT deck using 7.2's latest Nekrium legend
Tags: set 7.2, tic, decklist

Toxic Brew, the Titanium Ladder Killer
Written by KonanTheBarbarSite: Ghox's Socks
Tags: Deck, Metagame, set 7.1, constructed, ladder

Konan’s Set 7.0 Metagame Analysis
Written by KonanTheBarbarianSite: GHOX'S SOCKS
Set 7.0 decks and meta analysis
Tags: Set 7, constructed, decks