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My thoughts on the current balance
Written by NagiSite: reddit
My thoughts on the current balance
Tags: constructed

Merry Christmas in Solis
Written by BlinksWithFistsSite: Google Docs
Set K Spoilers
Tags: spoilers, constructed, decklists

Laddering With Nekrium
Written by JockeDSite: Solforge
Here I am with another article that will provide you with a semi-budget deck for you to use on your ladder climb to Titanium.
Tags: SBE, JockeD, Constructed

Laddering with Yetis: VOD
Written by JockeDSite: Youtube
Youtube VOD with the deck from http://solforgegame.com/news/laddering-with-yetis/
Tags: JockeD, Constructed, Ranked

Laddering With Yetis
Written by JockeDSite: Solforge
My goal is to reach Titanium but with semi-budget decks just to prove or see that there is no need to have 25 or more Legendaries to go all the way.
Tags: SBE, JockeD, Constructed

Constructed Pioneering: Dreaming of Dragons
Written by PionSite: Solforge
This week, I would like to focus on another way to build competitive decks. We will start with a selection of cards that will form the core of a plan and try to build around that plan.
Tags: SBE, Pion, Constructed, Strategy

Set 7.1 Metagame Analysis
Written by KonanTheBarbarSite: Ghox's Socks
Set 7.1 Metagame Analysis with tons of competitive and fun decklists
Tags: Metagame, set 7.1, constructed, ladder, konanTheBarbar

Toxic Brew, the Titanium Ladder Killer
Written by KonanTheBarbarSite: Ghox's Socks
Tags: Deck, Metagame, set 7.1, constructed, ladder

Konan’s Set 7.0 Metagame Analysis
Written by KonanTheBarbarianSite: GHOX'S SOCKS
Set 7.0 decks and meta analysis
Tags: Set 7, constructed, decks