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Rebalance, Faction Mastery Packs, Gold Queues!
Written by KaelariSite: Mothership
August 2017 announcements
Tags: Rebalance, WW, Store, AA

Patron of Tarsus in Mono Nekrium Draft
Written by NoLucksGivenSite: Youtube
If you get a chance to draft a Patron of Tarsus next time Mono Faction WW rolls around, I highly recommend you take it.
Tags: NoLucksGiven, Draft, WW

Weekend Warrior: Odd Sets Only Constructed
Written by SBESite: Solforge
This new Weekend Warrior is a bit different, in that only cards from every other set, or the odd numbered sets! That means only cards from Alpha, Secrets of Solis, Reign of Varna and Raiders Unchained are legal to use in your decks.
Tags: SBE, WW

Weekend Warrior: Alpha + Rise Draft
Written by SBESite: Solforge
The Weekend Warrior this week is Alpha + Rise Draft!
Tags: SBE, WW

Weekend Warrior: Rarity Pyramid and Forging Price Reduction
Written by SBESite: Solforge
We will also be reducing the forging prices of Raiders Unchained: Ancient Grudge to the normal prices today, so keep an eye out for an in-client announcement when it goes live!
Tags: SBE, WW

The Weekend Warrior This Weekend is..
Written by SBE JOSHSite: Mothership
Whats better than two factions Thats Right THREE FACTIONS
Tags: ww, josh