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1/2/17 Stream Highlights
Written by NoLucksGivenSite: Reddit/Youtube
My three favorite games from today's stream; a game where I "got lucky", comboing with Sigmund Fraud in draft, and an epic draft finals!
Tags: NoLucksGiven, draft

New Years Day Giveaway Stream Information
Written by NoLucksGivenSite: Reddit/Twitch
Details outlining NLG's upcoming New Year's Day Giveaway Stream
Tags: NoLucksGiven, giveaway

Patron of Tarsus in Mono Nekrium Draft
Written by NoLucksGivenSite: Youtube
If you get a chance to draft a Patron of Tarsus next time Mono Faction WW rolls around, I highly recommend you take it.
Tags: NoLucksGiven, Draft, WW

Weekend Warrior Mono Faction Solforge Drafts 12/16/16 ALL FACTIONS
Written by NoLucksGivenSite: Reddit/Youtube
Start off with the 2-0 Uterra Deck from yesterday and continue with a Tempys, Nekrium, and Alloyin mono faction draft.
Tags: NoLucksGiven, Draft

Solid Byzerak Draft
Written by NoLucksGivenSite: Reddit/Youtube
A solid Solforge draft with a lot of Tempys and Nekrium Heroics.
Tags: NoLucksGiven, Draft

13 Abomination Solforge Draft
Written by NoLucksGiven Site: Youtube
A bomb of a Solforge draft with Phytobombs and Abominations.
Tags: Draft, NoLucksGiven